Do Something: The Deluxe Edition

Do Something: The Deluxe Edition

Includes the full movie, Commentaries, Deleted Scenes, Production Diaries and Anatomy of A Film.
Over 5 hours of content!

- The Movie
- Audio Commentary by Director, Writer & Producers
- Audio Commentary by Director & Actors
- Deleted & Extended Scenes (with and without commentary by Director, Writer & Producers)
- 50 minute Production Diaries Video - visit set for our 8 weekend shoot

*** Plus the Deluxe-Edition-Exclusives!

- Audio Commentary by Director and Cinematographer

- Anatomy of a Movie: Director Darren Borrowman and Producer Bob Woolsey review the do's & don'ts, lessons learned and best practices of making a micro-budget feature. Reviewing everything from development to post and distribution they evaluate what it takes to make your own movie and what they'd have done differently.

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Do Something: The Deluxe Edition

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